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Hello! I'm Willy X - Who are you?

From an old campaigner, 20 Years since the battle of beanfield, 20 Years since the 1984 Stonehenge Free Festival. This would be the 20th London to Stonehenge walk, but it didn't happen this year, although a group of at least 9 of us met at the Pagoda in Battersea Park on June 1st as usual. I think I will walk next year, but a shorter route. For 18 years I walked from London to Stonehenge. Sometimes 40 people walked, sometimes a handful. Once thousands in 1988 joined in the London walk. Often we met up with other walks from Oxford, Brighton, Chelmsford, Glastonbury, Wales amongst others. We were harassed allot by the state. This year a walked left from Glastonbury Tour on the 13th of June 9 (The Battle of the Beanfield anniversary, least we forget) up to June 23rd , from Stonehenge to Stonehenge, taking in many of the ancient sites in the area. It starts at Stonehenge sometimes after noon. Watch this space. Also, the Stonehenge to the Pyramids Pilgrimage is still ongoing, contact

After 30 years of going to the midsummer's solstice every year, through good and bad times. The original barbed wire put up to stop us in 1974 is long ago rusted away. When I was 17, I was there with Zonk Star, who sadly passed over last Xmas, R.I.P. We met Wally Hope and shared his vision of free festivals at Stonehenge. We stayed for months, until the Windsor free festival in August, when 30, 000 of us got evicted in a big battle with the police. In the repression afterwards, that good man Wally Hope was incarcerated to stop him putting on the 2nd Stonehenge Free Festival. He passed over as a result of his political incarceration. So me and some friends printed and distributed 30,000 leaflets around the big squatters scenes, and I got the polytantric stage and generator, scrounged up more stage lights, tarps etc and hired a ten ton truck. Me and mate scavenger Pat got a bus out of the scrap yard for £60. Good weather helped, and the London squatting scene went quiet for a week as 5000 + turned up in 1975 and plenty of bands played. Each year after that I printed 30,000 free festival lists plus thousands of posters and stickers etc. Up to 1985, I've printed and distributed over a million festival lists & stickers) Added to this, in 1986 alone, Stonehenge Campaign did half a million stickers allot of advertising. Red Ice Brian (Brian Cathcart) R.I.P. Helped allot as the festival grew. He ran the free food kitchen and free crash tent, Big Yellow Teepee, for several years to cater for the large crowds. We used to get up to 80,000 by 1984 & lasting weeks. After the battle of the beanfield in 1985 we formed the Stonehenge Campaign in London, Thanks to John and Sue our hosts at their poetry meeting rooms at 99 Torriano Ave, Camden and I started walking. Its been a hard fought campaign, a long road to travel. We were harassed at almost every juncture by state repression. Let's enjoy what we've won, but now we have to resist the uniformed druid hierarchy and the damn motorway as well as get our free festival back and establish a national park around the stones. LOVE N PEACE! Willy X...

A big apology from me for not keeping up to date on my e-mails.
Thanks for them all, Lots of Love. WillyX

I was born in Stepney, East London (I am a Cockney). I grew up in my mum's busy Hackney pub "The Old Ship". I now live in Camden, North London, near the popular Camden Fashion Market, etc. I've been resident in Camden for 30+ years

I've been a vegetarian or vegan for about 30 years.

I've helped to invent many things, including the "Festival Lists" of the 70's and 80's.

By the High Court ruling in 1990's, I'm banned for life from attending festivals/rave parties in Hampshire.

Just a few weeks ago (2006) I've been injuncted and banned from walking around lots of Oxford town, because my views on animal experiments are considered "extreme".

Dan R.I.P.
Died Friday 2nd September 2005
Heroin Over Dose
Dan was a regular at Slimelight
Stan R.I.P.
Died August 2005
Morphine Overdose in New Deli
Dan was recently Buried in Ireland
He was a regular a "The Royal Exchange" Hartland Road, Camden.
Cookie R.I.P.
Died August 2005
Cookie was a well know Old School New Age Traveler, She was Dazzer's X
Cookie left us after a week in Hospital in Holland, She had long term chest complaints.
She will be sadly missed

Because I haven't read my emails for a while, to contact me, write to:
99 Torriano Avenue